Superfast Berkshire Roll Out

The Superfast Berkshire project is managing the delivery of  FTTC and FTTP technologies across the 6 unitary councils which otherwise wouldn't be served through commercial delivery.

Current status in reverse chronological order:


East & West Berkshire, BT Openreach delivering to urban locations  - (Live project)

  • Contracts signed in July 2017

  • Build started in July 2018 and planned to complete March 2021

  • FTTC and FTTP solutions.

  • Number of premises now enabled = 5072 (updated quarterly)

  • Target funded premises at completion will be 5014

East Berks, Gigaclear delivering to rural locations - (Live project)

  • Contract signed in July 2017

  • Build starts Jan 2018 and is currently in delay, contact Gigaclear for updates

  • FTTP across 29 community areas.

  • Number of premises now enabled 1713 (updated quarterly)

  • Target funded premises at completion will be 6111


West Berks Gigaclear (Completed)

  • Build started Nov 2015 and is completed.

  • FTTP across 38 community areas, rural and urban

  • Number of premises now enabled: 8265

  • Cabinets live: 38

RBWM Phase 2 CallFlow (Completed)

  • Delivery started in August 2015 and completed in May 2017

  • Delivering FTTC solutions to 11 cabinets across RBWM

  • Number of premises enabled: 1520

  • Check service availability and product offerings at


West Berks BT Phase 1 (Completed)

  • SFB's first broadband build project, commenced Sep 2013 and completed Dec 2015.

  • Delivering FTTC solutions to Icon for pdf 122 BT Cabinets [39.09KB] and 45 FTTP solutions

  • Premises enabled:  24,000

Advice on how to get connected

If you're in an upgraded area, getting faster broadband is not automatic.

To find out which cabinet or structure you are served by please visit the BT Openreach  or the Gigaclear. There are also links for other service providers on our Coverage Page