A Public Consultation document was issued on 28th September 2016 that sets out Superfast Berkshire's interpretation of the potential Intervention Areas (white areas) for superfast and basic broadband. The purpose of this public consultation is for telecoms providers to review and confirm the areas which do not have Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure delivering at least 30Mbps, or where there are no plans to provide such infrastructure over the next three years. Comments are also welcome from other stakeholders (e.g. residents, businesses, etc.) on the proposed white NGA areas and will be noted before further coverage is committed.

This State Aid public consultation closed on Friday 28th October 2016 and we will provide an update to the Intervention Area, maps and postcode information once we have completed the analysis and consolidation of the data.

Superfast Berkshire submitted its final proposals for the NGA white area, taking account of the outcome of the public consultation, to BDUK's National Competence Centre and was approved on 7th February 2017.

The maps published below were informed by the outcome of an Open Market Review and Public Consultation where Telecoms providers confirmed their existing and planned coverage (over the next 3 years) across the county. Superfast Berkshire will be prioritising intervention in the the white areas that are currently under 24 Mbps in the Phase 3 procurement.

Icon for pdf Phase 3 Public Consultation [1.01MB]

Important - Areas coloured white or blue on the maps below may overstate the intervention area for the following reasons.

a) quality of data submitted by suppliers

b) lack of firm broadband deployment plans provided by suppliers

c) complete postcode areas will be marked white or blue if they contains at least 1 property of that colour

 The information provided by suppliers will continue to be reviewed as an on-going process.

 Icon for pdf Phase 3 Public Consultation Outcome Report [841.47KB]

 Icon for pdf Phase 3 NGA State Aid Map (30Mbps) [3.57MB]

 Icon for pdf Phase 3 NGA State Aid Map (24 Mbps) [3.22MB]

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If you have any questions please email Projectteam@superfastberkshire.org.uk