In order to comply with State Aid, Superfast Berkshire has issued an Open Market Review (OMR) on 7th June 2016 to establish the current and planned (over the next 3 years) commercial coverage of broadband services in Berkshire.

The information gathered through this Open Market Review will be used to define the scope of the eligible 'Intervention Area' to enable further superfast broadband coverage across Berkshire using public sector funds.

Suppliers are invited to submit details of their current and planned coverage by 5th July 2016.

Suppliers will be required to sign and return a Public Sector Mapping Agreement - Contractor Licence for access to the spreadsheet of property data. The  is a requirement of the licensing arrangements in place with the owner of the premise data (Ordnance Survey).

Suppliers can get a copy of the Excel file (43 MB when zipped) containing a full list of premises in Berkshire by emailing their request to arrangements may need to be made on how to transfer the data file due to its size.