Follow the simple steps below on how to get high-speed fibre broadband for your home our business.

Step One

You can check availability of fibre broadband using our When and Where Interactive Map. If you are in a green property on the map then it's likely that fibre broadband is available or in commercial plans. However this map is not 100% accurate so you may like to check the status of planned coverage (amber) using the links to the network providers who operate in Berkshire. Please not that if fibre is available, and upgrade to a faster service does not happen automatically. To go superfast you must contact your internet service provider.

Step Two

If fibre broadband is available, you will need to check your current contract for broadband services. Most broadband contracts can last between 12-24 months. You may need to see out the end of your contract before switching broadband providers or a cancellation fee may be payable. If you wish to stay with your existing service provider, most will allow you to upgrade your contract to take up a fibre service.

Step Three

There are many internet service providers to choose from, each offering different broadband deals and packages. Superfast Berkshire cannot offer advice on which service provider to choose. However, when considering the choices you may wish to think about:

  • Speed - Some broadband packages cap download/upload speeds in return for a cheaper price.

  • Usage - Does the package offer unlimited downloads and data usage or can you only download/upload a limited amount each month? If you use more than your limit in any month, it will cost you more money!

  • Contract - How long is the contract? Depending on the package this means you will be signing up for 12/12/24 months.

  • Extras - Could you get a better deal by combining your broadband in a package with other services from a single provider such as telephone, mobile and / or TV services - you may save money this way.

  • Offers - There are lots of deals out there, some including lower prices for the first few months. Make sure you know what price you will pay once the introductory offer finishes. Shop around for the best deal for you.

Step Four

In addition to the website links to the network providers who operate in Berkshire, there are many comparison websites that allow you to compare broadband services and packages to find the best deal for you. Some useful links below:

Step Five

Once you have selected the broadband provider and package of your choice, you will need to get in touch with them to place your order. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)will send an engineer to your home on an agreed installation date and help you get up and running.