Superfast broadband lets you make the most of all the entertainment on offer on the internet and opens up a whole new world for you and your family!

  • Work from home with cloud computing, cutting down on your travel time.

  • Faster photo and video transfers, particularly when others are also accessing these services - audio and video downloads happen almost instantaneously.

  • Find jobs and services - apply for jobs online and cut travel costs by working from home.

  • Online gamers gaining an advantage with improved response times.

  • A recent OFCOM report suggests that older and disabled people will be able to achieve greater social and economic inclusion and engagement, as well as better access to e-health care services.

  • Your children will be able to access and download the information they need to complete homework more quickly.

  • Stay in touch with friends and family using social media and online video calling such as Skype

    Whatever you are into, fibre will make it quicker and easier. It's not just about doing one thing online much faster, it's about everyone in the household being able to do their own thing online all at the same time.